Retrospect- December 2nd to 3rd 2019 in Neumarkt i.d.OPf.

3. International Conference on Biosafety an Laboratory

Counting 13 speakers and about 80 participants, the 3. Conference on Biosafety and Laboratory became a great success. In this regard, the city of Neumarkt i.d.OPf. and the Museum für historische Maybachfahrzeuge offered the perfect setting: beginning with a trip to the Museum Lothar Fischer, continuing with mulled vine and music before dinner, visiting the exhibition at the Museum für historische Maybachfahrzeuge – with an event-friendly dry weather of about 0° Celsius, the Oberpfalz in Bavaria showed its best.


In terms of our subject, this year’s conference did profit, above all, from connecting unique experiences in planning and operating high- security laboratories with innovative approaches. In this sense, Markus Eickmann jumped right into our topic – learning from 12 years of high-security laboratory in Marburg. His talk was followed by many others, who covered topics encompassing normative as well as technical fields and solutions for the laboratories of the future.


We would be glad to welcome you again in 2020!

Speakers and Topics

Rajka Fritsch / Reinhold Göttgens: Welcome Address


Udo Weber: Introduction


Markus Eickmann: 12 years high-security laboratory in Marburg


Steffen Schmidt: Pressure control in gas-tight rooms


Thomas Kleinschroth: Construction in vivo facility – innovative and flexible technologies


Denys Bilko: Integrated design of biotechnology laboratories: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) vs. biosafety principles


Guillaume Ribot: Isolation wards for highly infectious diseases


Evelien Kampert: Validation of high containment facilities to prove biosafety


Claus Schweinheim: Construction and commissioning of BSL-3 laboratories


Chris Kiley: Testing and certification of electronic devices for H2O2 fumigation


Walter Ritz: Testing and certification of electronic devices for H2O2 fumigation


Martin Stener Breinholt / Kiril Georgiev Naydenov: “Fast track” design and planning of a new veterinary biosafety reference laboratory building


Felix Gmünder: State of safety technology for BSL-3 laboratories in terms of availability and reliability of systems

Conference Programm 2019
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