When you're still at the beginning ...

we develop a concept as well as a feasibility study in close collaboration with your team. Together with our specialists you identify your requisition and determine your requirements for plants and buildings in order to formalize concrete solution approaches thereafter.

Benefit from our experience in the fields of conceptual design, planning and realization of complex plants and facilities ...

as well, if you're right in the middle already.

Concept and Feasibility

  • plan of concept
  • determining and formalizing requirements
  • feasibility study (particularly economic and spatial)

Layout and Process Technology

  • creating a functional concept of space
  • process planning / process description
  • logistics planning for operational procedures and material routes, disposal routes and escape routes
  • basic circuit diagram for ventilation and air conditioning, filter systems, wastewater disposal, compressed air, breathing air mechanism and gassing mechanism
  • creating of pressure stage drafts
  • planning of disinfection concepts
  • cross-maintenance groups interface definition of all required media and maintenance groups
  • creating of 2D room layouts with all relevant components / layout plan
  • creating of a 3D model on the basis of modular space design

Project Handling

  • preparing of tendering and participation in awarding
  • project management regarding technical aspects
  • quality assurance during the entire project
  • cost controlling, cost management
  • scheduling and deadline monitoring until handover
  • determining and valuation of opportunities and risks
  • staff training for system operations regarding technical aspects in compliance with occupational safety and hygiene protection

Tendering, Awarding, Invoicing

  • tender documentation
  • project management
  • supporting the awarding procedure
  • scheduling
  • cost monitoring